Dog Walking


30 minute Pup Walk – $20

30 minute walk to socialize and play while focusing on leash manners and puppy etiquette. M-Fri 10am-4pm.

*If requesting a standing appointment of 3 or more visits a week $18/each*


Playdate – $40  

M-Fri 10am-4pm for Pups 6+ Months. 1 hour of play and keeping your pup entertained in and around your home while you are away.

*All Evening or Weekend Visits add $10*

*Additional dog in house add $5*


Puppy Visits – $15

For dogs 8 weeks to 6 months old: 15 minute visit to help potty train, walk and play with your new pup

Puppy Nanny Service – $800/month

Monday thru Friday for Pups 8 weeks to 6 months of age. Daily puppy training focusing on potty & crate training, free shaping, leash manners and socialization while caring for your furbaby in Chicago.

*Pick up and drop off included*

Healing Visit – $25

30 minute visit providing a potty break, health check and endless comfort and affection to an injured or recovering dog from surgery.

*Evening or weekend requests add $5*

Elite & Ala Carte Services

Wedding Service – $90/hour (2 hour minimum)

We will handle all things pup related to include your fur baby in your special day!  Fantastic service for First Look & Bridal Party photos.  If your wedding venue allows dogs we can be on site for however long you wish to celebrate with your pup and guests.

Ala Carte Services

Feedings: $5/per
Medication: $3/per
Potty Cleanup in House: $7/per

Puppy Training

Our puppy house calls are a great first step

You’ve just gotten your puppy, and you want to do things right. We’ll get you off on the right paw.

A puppy expert in your home

One of our expert puppy trainers will come to your home for a 60 minute consult at a time convenient for you.

What we’ll cover

Everything you need to know to start training your puppy: house training, biting, chewing, crate and alone-time training, and the basics of puppy training and care, including nutrition, wellness and socialization—the key to raising your puppy to be a well-adjusted adult dog.

What it costs

*Hourly rate is the same for all private lessons & consultations*

Puppy Camp – $2000

2 week training program + 4 after care private lessons specializing in puppy imprinting for fur babies 8-18 weeks of age.What is “puppy imprinting”? Puppy imprinting is the process by which your pup learns from other dogs and humans while gaining socialization skills.  This is a crucial time in your puppy‘s life while some is nature (genetic) in how their temperament will be shaped we handle the nurture component.  Your puppy will live in a home environment with My Favorite Pups Owner/Trainer Kelly Morgan to work on all of the following areas:

• Have daily bonding experiences.
• Socialize with other dogs, people, children, objects and sounds.• Potty and crate training.
• Leash manners.
• Puppy etiquette (no biting, no jumping, learning how to play properly with humans and other dogs).
• Begin the foundation to basic obedience by introducing your puppy to “sit”, “stand”, “down”, “here”, “stay”.
• Get used to grooming (brushing, teeth and ear cleaning, pawdicures).
Why My Favorite Pups?

Safety & Security

MFP provides free lock boxes to securely store your key somewhere accessible to your puppy nanny, allowing them to safely gain access to your home. You can always facilitate the access/key exchange yourself. If you have a doorman, you can also leave the keys with them.

We Are Eco-Friendly

We use eco-friendly poop bags on every walk!

Instagram Updates

Our Instagram page – My Favorite Pups – is updated weekly to showcase your adorable pup out and about in the Windy City!

Easy Booking

Our mobile app makes booking and changing appointments for the client fast and easy to use!